Food is never just about food

FOOD GLOBALIZATION: When goods are constantly crossing borders. What the corona pandemic can teach us about ourselves and the world we live in. [Eating the Empire by Troy Bickham]

The drop that causes the cup to overflow

resurrection: The three books are equal parts revolutionary manifestos for those who want an analysis of the state of affairs, and strategic manuals for those who have already taken to the streets and revolted. [From now by Author of the Invisible Committee]

The experience of the world

dystopic: Who is locked inside without knowing it, who is outside in the open? Who is free to ask the important questions? [The Freedom Artist by Ben Okri]

HUXLEY'S DYSTOPIA: What would you rather be - happy or free?

SCIENCE FICTION: The TV series based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World contains - by including digital surveillance - also an essential element from George Orwell's dystopian vision of the future. [Brave New World by Series Creators: Grant Morrison, Brian Taylor, David Wiener]

Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About America's new plan, and conditions on the ground.

The creation of the academy in Ramallah

THE ARTISTS: In the occupied West Bank, art became a form of knowledge based on research and free critical thinking. One of the founders of the art academy in Ramallah, tells here what happened - supported by Norway.

- We documented that we had everything in place for a Palestinian state

INTERVIEW: Salam Fayyad, former Prime Minister of Palestine, Ramallah 2014

The eerie valley on the west coast of the United States

TECH-Arbejder: Anna Wiener was seduced by Silicon Valley's future promises and tried to suppress her resistance impulses until it all one day became too meaningless. [Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener]

The question of technique

Things are starting to behave. But the fact that things around us are getting smarter does not necessarily mean that we ourselves are getting smarter, quite the contrary. [The Internet of Things by Mercedes Bunz and GrahamMeikle]

A manifesto for democracy and human rights

REBEL: Joshua Wong started a protest movement against Chinese authorities, but refused to stand for election in Hong Kong. [Unfree Speech by Joshua Wong and Jason Y]

The age of panic

KATE stanza: We humans have lost control of the development we have set in motion. The disaster is a warning that comes too late, and the elites make themselves susceptible to the danger signals. Can we avoid panicky escape from the common problems? [How Everything Can Collapse / Infinite Mobilization by Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens, Peter Sloterdijk]

The void after father

Fathers missed: Sibylle Lacan, daughter of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, tells of a sore father relationship in this short but strong memoir. [A Father (2019) by Sibylle Lacan Translated by Adrian Nathan West]

The poet and thinker are individually orchids

cultural history: Celan wanted Heidegger to apologize for supporting Adolf Hitler. With such thinkers, how can they contribute to a society at par with human potential? [Totnauberg by Hans-Peter Kunisch]

South America's upcoming technology showdown

CAPTURE: The authorities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico are now investing in start-ups, incubators and training programs. But at the same time, Colombia can confiscate protesters' phones; in Ecuador, the authorities block the same access to servers; and in Nicaragua and Venezuela, governments have routinely restricted access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The United States and China are on aggressive courtship trips to countries throughout the region.

Brave soldiers and lost system criticism

cinema Relevant The Outpost confirms the turn American war films have taken from system criticism of the hero cult.

A voice from Poland

ESSAY: It is embarrassing to look at how horrible the Law and Justice Party (PiS) and the government are behaving. We sign signature campaigns.

Behind the idyll lurks the landmines

WASTES OF WAR: Five female miners try to remove land mines in the beautiful landscape of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Palestine in our century

LEADER: The Palestine magazine of our century has both a current and historical perspective on the # Middle East # long nuclear conflict about Palestine. Although it is well known, it is often lacking in detailed knowledge.

Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence?

HUAWEI: The United States is as believing as China in using national technology as a means of mass surveillance and political manipulation.

"You are my creator, but I am your lord - obey!"

FRANKENSTEIN: About killing drones, artificial intelligence and Frankenstein. It has become easier to fight - and more dangerous. If, or when, the machines themselves take over, humanity may suddenly be on the wrong side of the table.

Libra Facebooks

Krypto: The time when bank payments across national borders took five days is not yet over. But it does not cost five percent of the transaction anymore. But what about those without a bank account? Libra is driving development

Strong hostage drama from reality

DANISH IS-CATCH: The feature film about Danish Daniel Rye captured by IS in Syria shows that Scandinavian film does not have to be toothless entertainment to hit wide.

The limits of the genuine

TOURISM AND AUTHENTICITY: The distinctive feature film Bait describes the conflict between local fishermen and holidaymakers in Cornwall and is a social realist drama portrayed in a strikingly small social realist way.

To escape the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle

Thoughtful story of a young girl leaving a Hasidic society for a better life outside.

The omniscient but predetermined man

FREE WILL: Masterfully, the miniseries ask Dev's big questions about a deterministic worldview versus free will, and the almost unlimited power of modern "tech" companies.

Forty years of dreaming of a better life

NINOSCAS CAMP: Independence and detachment from violence and oppressive macho culture in Nicaragua - filmed for forty years.

Blacklisted workers were denied a job

CONTROL: Unthinkable bureaucrats, sneaky employer organizations and a corrupt police monitor and blacklist "troubled" or suspicious workers systematically.

Who dares disappoint the camera?

NØGENHED: Norwegian Jan Dalchow's new documentary series about body shame is honorable, but also trivial and sentimental.

Short film winners with political sting

NORWEGIAN SHORT MOVIE: Many of the films at this year's digital short film festival in Grimstad dealt with current political themes.

Short film program about the Y-block and the vulnerability of architecture

ARCHITECTURE: Two films about the Y-block have, in the shelter of the ongoing demolition, become both documentation of ideological oscillations and mourning hymns over a lost time.

Warning of the future

Utopia: An essayistic documentary that stretches towards future visions and utopias, but with a bleak foundational tone and inability to see any way out of the paralysis it describes.

Attentive and timeless presence

SLOW TRAVEL: Animals often have an almost enviable ability to find their place in the whole. Why can't people do the same?

False priest listens to true testimony

DIFFICULT ASKED: In Thy Kingdom Come, photographer and filmmaker Eugene Richards gives voice to ordinary people who are largely invisible in today's United States.

Michael Moore's new film: Critical to alternative energy

ENVIRONMENT: For many, green energy solutions are just a new way to make money, says director Jeff Gibbs.

"What we want to say 'yes' to."

BOOK: Photographer Kajsa Gullberg is a Socrates light in the sex club. The photographs from the club are blurred and reddish.

The modern political lie and the political lie

ESSAY How can it be that some politicians can lie as much as they want, like President Trump, and at the same time be perceived as truthful by their constituents? We look at how the philosopher Hannah Arendt defined the difference between the traditional and the modern lie, as the difference between hiding and destroying. And how the truth can be faked because one can finger reality.


ORIENTATION JUNE 1970: A young Vietnamese woman told of the torture in Con Son's prisons.