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The world's military supermarket

The world currently spends about 16 billion kroner on the military. While covid-000 sticks sticks in the wheels of most of the world's merchandise trade, the trade in munitions seems to be an exception.
Peace Nation / More peace policy, thank you!Peace policy ends up outside the focus of both the media and politicians.
Peace Index / The reputation of the "Peace Nation"Norway has now ended up in 17th place due to arms exports.
Arms exports / Norwegian export control in change – time for tighteningFor those who follow the debate on Norwegian arms exports, 2021 has been one of the most dramatic years ever. The first bomb went off in February, when the Office of the Auditor General's review of Norwegian export control was published. In the wake of this, new information about Norwegian arms exports to the Emirates has been revealed, a new strategy for the arms industry has been launched by the government, and everyone is waiting anxiously for what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will come up with solutions to the many problems uncovered in its next report on export control. , in June.
Weapons export / The world's strictest regulationsThe statement about "one of the world's strictest regulations" must be understood as the Storting's expected standard for a far more restrictive practice for Norwegian exports of munitions.
Guns / The new defense-industrial strategyNorway creates a distinctive military-industrial complex between our defense sector, research environments and the arms industry.
Embetsverket / Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NoradIn the Foreign Service, Norway's contribution to peace processes is a high priority, while peacebuilding in development assistance has fallen completely out of Norad's new strategy.
The base statement / New agreement with the USA challenges Norwegian base policyAfter Norway and the USA entered into an agreement in April on practical matters for US military activity in Norway, the debate on Norwegian base policy has flared up in earnest. The peace policy dividing lines in the case are clear.
Nuclear weapons / "Disarmament and peace should be lifted above party lines"Disarmament work trumps the political dividing lines, says Asle Toje. He is now worried that Norway will come under insane pressure from the Americans to take over the German role when it comes to nuclear weapons.
Parliamentary elections / Politics for peaceful coexistence?Is it possible to form an opinion about which peace policy alternatives one has to choose from in this autumn's election? Here we have reviewed the positions of the election programs to prevent violent conflict, resolve conflicts non-violently and contribute to peace and reconciliation after violent conflict.

Norway at the top of Europe in nationalism?

We constantly hear that Norway is the world's best country, but this is not necessarily the case for the vast majority of Norwegians and people who move here.

More peace policy, thank you!

Peace policy ends up outside the focus of both the media and politicians.

Freedom, equality and sisterhood

With topics such as forced marriage, child marriage, rape and honor killings, Professor Unni Wikan has studied people all her life, but not least – the Muslim. She has had to avoid that.

Massive change

How about looking back over 30 years, to be able to see and act into the future?
Ethics / What ethical principles are behind the first vaccine stings?
Behind the authorities' vaccination strategy is an ethical chaos.
Pandemic / "Immunological disability"
Perhaps the fear of bacteria and viruses in the future will increasingly lead to a disease preparedness characterized by totalitarian surveillance and control. A blind trust in vaccinations can lead to a phasing out of the human own immune system.
Punishment / Juicy fines for coronal fractures in Spain
In Spain, the authorities have the option of imposing hefty fines on citizens who refuse to be vaccinated or oppose restrictions during the pandemic.
Chronicle / Coronary vaccines: science and myths
Science has made rapid progress in producing a vaccine against Covid-19. But can vaccine programs be based on active consent and autonomous choice by citizens? And does scientific rationality now go hand in hand with creative forms of irrationality?
Covid-19 / Vaccine coercion in the shadow of the corona crisis (by Trond Skaftnesmo)
There is no real skepticism from the public sector about the coronary vaccine – vaccination is recommended, and the people are positive about the vaccine. But is the embrace of the vaccine based on an informed decision or a blind hope for a normal everyday life?
Surveillance / Infection tracking, monitoring and consequences
How much freedom do you really have, if your movements are restricted by a corona pass and you get fired if you refuse to be vaccinated?
Corruption / 85In crisis situations, the risk of corruption increases – as with the money behind the upcoming corona vaccine.



To answer the riddle no one has asked you to solve

Guttorm Nordø: TEXT! Art and such 1981-2020
Guttorm Nordø talks about the immediate as the only guideline for his art. One of the finest, most risk-taking and wittiest art books of 2021?

This is how climate disinformation is created

Michael E. Mann: The New Climate War
Are vegans' attempts to lift the meat comb or drop flying the solution to the climate problem? Over the past year, our changing travel and behavior patterns have had only a small effect on global greenhouse gas emissions.

An Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Bodies (IoB) and Internet of Minds (IoM)

Ole Sverre Olsen: Conversations with the speeds of light. The construction of the digital realm of the dead.
When Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, introduces the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution), and when Elon Musk, the founder of the successful Tesla, plus Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presents the visions for the 21st century , you should pay close attention to what is the specific content of what they present of technology, researched in the laboratories of Silicon Valley.

To develop a new social housing sector

Jon Guttu, Catherine Bauer: Carsten Boysen: A fair housing policy, Modern Housing
Can the current anti-social urban and housing situation need more modernism? Two books actualize a belief in progress that society can change for the better.

A cathedral thinking – for the future

Ellen S de Vibe, Erik Berg (eds.), Peter Schultz Jørgensen: The world of cities, Take back the city
We are on a collision course with both natural and social capital, globally, what former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called a global suicide pact. Well, we have to build a new future stone by stone – knowing that we will not see the result ourselves.

An effort for the zero-emission target

Heikki Holmås: The globe is burning. What must be done?
Heikki Holmås describes zero emission targets in a new book, where the climate crisis is solved with taxes and emission requirements, plenty of green power and technology. But at what price?

Out of my self-obsession

Iris Murdoch: The sovereignty of good
It has proved extremely difficult to get philosophy to conform to what society at all times considers sensible, reasonable and appropriate.
East Asia / East West Reflections on Demonization: North Korea now,… (by Geir Helgesen,…)North Korea has been subjected to persistent blackening to the extent that the slightest attempt to nuance the image is immediately shot down. Is this a book that will provoke the press, political influencers and researchers?
Cultural criticism / Without accent (by Yoko Tawada,…)Yoko Tawada moves between German and Japanese words – in line with Paul Celan or Roland Barthes. But did you know that tears contain the stress hormone cortisol?
Finance / Nordic Socialism – Towards a democratic economy (by Pelle Dragsted)Dragsted has a number of suggestions for how employees can get a larger share of the «community cake» – e.g. by shutting them into the corporate executive rooms.
3 books on Ecology / The Yellow Vests have the floor,… (by Mads Christoffersen,…)From the Yellow Vests came new forms of organization within production, housing and consumption functions. And with "Degrowth", starting with very simple actions such as protection of water, air and soil. And what about the local?
Society / Collapse (by Carlos Taibo)There are many indications that a definitive collapse is approaching. For many people, the collapse is already a fact.
Radical chic / Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures (by Mark Fisher (ed.) Introduction by Matt Colquhoun)If the left is ever to become dominant again, it must, according to Mark Fisher, embrace the desires that have emerged under capitalism, not just reject them. The left should cultivate technology, automation, reduced working day and popular aesthetic expressions such as fashion.
Thailand / Fighting for Virtue. Justice and Politics in Thailand (by Duncan McCargo)A powerful elite in Thailand – Myanmar's neighbor – has been trying to resolve the country's political problems with the courts for the past decade, which has only exacerbated the situation. In a new book, Duncan McCargo warns against "legalization."
Surreal / The Seven Lives of Alejandro Jodorowsky (by Samlet and curated by Bernière and Nicolas Tellop)Jodorowsky is a man full of creative arrogance, boundless creative urge and completely without desire or ability to compromise with himself.
Gimmick / Theory of the Gimmick (by Sianne Ngai)Sianne Ngai is one of the most original Marxist cultural theorists of her generation. But she seems keen on pulling the aesthetics down into the mud.
Cohabitation breakdown / The conjugal ruptures in Muslim sub-Saharan Africa (by Alhassane A. Najoum)It is expensive to get married in Niger even though the bride price varies, and in the event of divorce, women are obliged to pay back the bride price.
Philosophy / Disobey! A Philosophy of Resistance (by Frédéric Gros) Why, where, when and for how long are we obedient?
Mythologies / The Celestial Hunter (by Roberto Calasso)In Calasso's fourteen essays, we often find ourselves between myth and science.
China / The silent conquest. How China is undermining Western democracies and reorganizing the world (by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg)It is known that China under Xi Jinping has developed in an autocratic direction. The authors show how the effect has spread in the rest of the world.

"Stink journalism" against whistleblowers

Professor Gisle Selnes writes that Harald Stanghelle's article in Aftenposten on 23 February 2020 "looks like a statement of support, [but] lies as a framework around the aggravated attack on Assange". He is right. But has Aftenposten always had this relationship with whistleblowers, as in the case of Edward Snowden?

A liberal left?

Several thinkers believe that it is possible for what they call a rather complacent left to carve out a better and freer future through capitalism and technology.

MODERN TIMES: The ecocentric human being


This is how five presidents of the United States deceived public opinion and Congress

So far, Norwegian newspapers have brought surprisingly little from the revelations that have been published in the New York Times.



Africa and «the brutish museums»

Amin Maalouf, Block Museum of Art, Dan Hicks, Alice Procter: Leo Afrikaneren, Caravans of Gold – Fragments in Time – Art Culture and Exchanges Across Medieval Saharan Africa, The Brutish Museums, The Whole Picture
It is necessary to relinquish ownership of colonial loot. The treasures of European museums have been stolen. And what about the Cultural History Museum in Oslo – which is also on the list of museums that have Benin's stolen bronze sculptures?

Under the sacred protection of Babas (Saddhus)

I spent the corona quarantine in an ashram in legendary Rishikesh, India, spiritually led by Juna Akhara naga babas – naked men smeared in human ashes.

The Arab Spring and us – ten years later

The Arab Spring has mainly been a revolt against inequality. What was the result?



Nawal El-Saadawi – in memorandum

A conversation about freedom, freedom of speech, democracy and elites in Egypt.

To look at the present as the past of the future

We have interviewed the thinker Armen Avanessian about "accelerationism" and the possibility of a new political thinking.

Signs of the Media Times – interview with Truls Lie

MODERN TIMESs editor Truls Lie interviewed by Forum Borealis on several topics.

A linguistically dumb description

GUNDA: A film on the pig's own terms.

Short documentaries with global perspectives

SHORT FILM: With very different angles, two of the documentaries at the Short Film Festival show how depressingly far away we are a sustainable development.

Documentaries from Modern Times Review

Climate / 70/30 (by Phie Amb)The opening film at Copenhagen DOX: the young people influenced the climate choices of politics, but Ida Auken is the film's most important focal point.
Photo / Helmut Newton – The Bad and the Beautiful (by Gero Von Boehm)Photographer Helmut Newton's controversial cult status persists long after his death.
Drug reform / The winds of change (by Kieran Kolle)Perhaps it is the opponents of the government's drug reform who should most preferably watch the documentary The winds of change, which follows three activists from the Association for Human Drug Policy.
Documentary / Sea of ​​love. Transforming Journey to Egypt (by Ashraf Ezzat)Ancient Egyptian art and the later Sufi tradition have access to insights that modern man has gradually forgotten.