SCENARIO / Imagine, this is the year 2050, and we look back at the origin and evolution of the coronavirus pandemic over the past three decades: both the plagues of pandemics, flooded cities, burned forests, drought and other rising violent climate disasters. We offer the following scenario for such a prospect from the future.


Co-author: Hazel Henderson

As we move into the second half of our 21st century, we can now finally, from an evolutionary systemic perspective, provide a framework for understanding the origin and consequence of coronavirus that hit the world in 2020. Today, in 2050, looking back on the last 40 turbulent years on our home planet, it seems obvious that Earth itself had taken on the responsibility of teaching our human family something.

Our planet taught us the most basic about our situation in terms of entire systems that had otherwise been identified by some foresight thinkers as far back as the mid-19th century. This expanded human consciousness revealed how the planet actually works, and that its living biosphere is systemically driven by the daily flow of photons from our parent star, the Sun.

Moreover, the expanded consciousness overcame the cognitive limitations and wrong assumptions and ideologies that had created the crises in. . .

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