30 years with Film fra Sør

DIGITAL FESTIVAL: "It is a special year," say Lasse Skagen and Åse Meyer from Film fra Sør. With the closure of the cinemas in Oslo, this year's anniversary edition of the festival will be arranged digitally.

"Last year we had a fantastic year with 28 visitors, which was by far the highest for the festival ever," says Lasse Skagen, artistic director of Film from the South Festival and the Festival Office.

Last year's edition of the festival, which shows films from Asia, Africa and Latin America, opened with South Korean Parasite by Bong Joon-ho (read the review here). A few months later, the film made history by becoming the first non-English-language Oscar winner in the category of best film. This year, Film fra Sør turns 30 years old with, among other things, a retrospective devoted to the South Korean filmmaker.

However, much will be different when the festival is held in the period 26 November to 6 December. Originally, it was to be a combination of physical and online festival, with the main emphasis on screenings in cinemas. Due to the recent infection control measures introduced in Oslo, this year's anniversary edition will instead be fully digital. With that, the selection will also be a little smaller than the over 90 films that were on the program.

"Already in June, a plan was made to build our own 'power service'. This was intended to be a supplement to the cinema screenings, and a backup if the cinemas had to close. We are happy about that now. Even though a digital festival cannot be the same, we will at least be shown a wide selection of the films that were programmed, a total of close to 70. It will be a big experiment ", says Åse Meyer. She is the acting general manager of the foundation Festivalkontoret, which is a community of film festivals in Oslo…

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Alexander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.

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