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5G can promote the UN's sustainability goals

POVERTY: 5G opens up unprecedented opportunities in distance learning and education.

Ultra-fast 35G wireless technology has been touted as a potentially transformative development element, in line with the electricity of its time. This is not just an exaggeration. One area where # 5G will play a crucial role is in the quest to reach the 2030 agenda for sustainable development (UN Sustainable Development Goals), which was unanimously adopted FN in 2015.

Think about Sustainability Goal 4, which is about "ensuring inclusive, equitable and good education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all." This is important for achieving all the other sustainability goals, such as Goal 1 of eradicating all forms of poverty worldwide. The UNDP's multidimensional poverty index shows that of all the deficiencies affecting the poor – from inadequate nutrition to lack of access to clean water and sanitation – the lack of good education is one of the most important barriers to social mobility.

The unfortunate effects of missing utdanning as a person grows older. And since the children of uneducated adults are less likely to attend school, inadequate education is an important contribution to poverty across generations.

It is easy to see how this can undermine the achievement. . .

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Lwanda is an advisor for regional programs for the extractive industry at the UNDP Africa Regional Service Center and affiliated with the Asia Global Institute.

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