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The environment, the people, the landscapes and the memories

Mothers, fathers and others Author
ESSAYS / Siri Hustvedt writes sensuous and dialogic essays. The writing constantly invites to be disconnected.
The reader therefore discovers as much in his own life as in Hustvedt's.

She wanders around in the language, Siri Hustvedt, and thereby she also wanders around in life. They are largely life journeys, Hustvedt's recently translated essays. The words on the pages are a series of trips around the nooks and crannies of her life – and with this kind of writing, one reads so much of one's own life into the work. As when Hustvedt writes about the child Siri's fascination with seeing her grandmother take the tooth out of her mouth to clean it and store it overnight. It immediately takes me 35 years back in time, to when a 10-year-old Steffen watched his grandmother perform exactly the same act. This . . .

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Steffen Moestrup
Regular contributor to MODERN TIMES, and docent at Denmark's Medie- og Journalisthøjskole.

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