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9 / 11 – the destruction of the WTC towers

SEPTEMBER 11: Could explosives have contributed to the collapse of the Twin Towers? Had it at all been possible to plan and carry out a controlled demolition?


In connection with this fall's debate around the theory that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished using planted explosives 11. September 2001, a pervasive question has been: Had this been possible at all?

In this case, there were two factors: the explosive technology and the crew with access to mount the explosives.

The technology of 2001. Many assume that if the towers were taken down by controlled demolition, then it must have been done as a regular commercial blast with looters and a large number of RDX explosives. This is both superfluous and illogical in view of the available technology in the field of 2001. There are many different ways to take down buildings.

In fact, there were witnesses who were close to the towers when they collapsed telling of systematic explosions inside the buildings.

In the case of . . .

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Stian Arnesen
Arnesen is a member of the board of the Norwegian Reserve Officers Association and works as an IT consultant at VID University of Science.

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