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To dream is to look death in the eyes

What is this dream, what significance does it have?

The first documented dream book was written in 2070 f.Kr. of the Egyptian Pharaohs Merikere. He interpreted the dreams that signal good or bad events, an interpretation that has been adhered to in our normal relationship with dreams for over 4000 years.

The word drømme has, like the English dream, its etymological root in the North East dreyma, with the meanings "joy," "cheer," "song," or "business," "life," "joy." The Germanic drugan can be associated with "cheating", "deceiving", "dazzling". And aren't the dreams a real blend?

A more materialistic version of the mysterious or less mysterious substance of the dream can be found in the Scottish philosopher Thomas Brown's (1778 – 1820) essay About dreams: "Ancient writers and Renaissance writers who wrote about dreams often operated in three categories: divine (implanted in the mind in a supernatural way) – natural (caused by dominant body fluids or imbalances) – animal (originating in daily affairs) that people deal with. "

The dream creates reality. First the dream, then the creation.

Freud's classic work Interpretation of dreams and Jung's archetypes (water symbolizes the unconscious) have created other and basic analytical concepts of dreams – and not least the concept of subconscious, or rather the plural form subconscious, for consciousness consists not only of a metaphorical "above" and "below", but of a complex interplay of chemistry and electrical impulses that go in all directions and render these "positions" meaningless.

A more real reality

I enkelte amerikanske urbefolkninger tolkes drømmene i rituelle danser og sjamanistisk praksis og har stor kulturell betydning for virk . . .

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Terje Dragseth
Author and filmmaker.

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