Being threatened with death can make most people keep a low profile

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The opportunity to say something is always very limited, says MODERN TIMES's regular writer in this essay about different authorities' use of force. Away from today's mass media, an "underground" network of intellectuals has now emerged, including experienced journalists, intelligence officers, renowned professors and politicians.

Tunander is Professor Emeritus from PRIO.
Published: September 17, 2020

Free speech has its limits in all countries. For security policy "sensitive issues", the limit is closest to the rule. This also applies to issues that affect the real power. It can make most of us keep a low profile in both the east and the west. To illustrate this, I will bring up some experiences from my time as a security policy researcher.

Admiral James Eberle 1927–2018

I wrote my doctoral dissertation in the 80's on the United States' maritime strategy. I 2007

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