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Boycott Israel Movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The BDS movement goes a new way in the over 70-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. Underpinned by non-violent principles, they try to push the occupation power to respect international law, human rights and adopted UN conventions. Should they get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Leader of the Red, Bjørnar Moxnes, has nominated the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) protest movement for the Nobel Peace Prize. Originally a Palestinian grassroots movement, now an international solidarity movement – the BDS movement works for economic, cultural and academic boycotts of Israel, with the aim of "subjecting the occupying power to pressure until they respect international law, human rights and adopted UN conventions".

"We believe the BDS movement is a worthy candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and of course hope that BDS receives the Peace Prize. In addition, a bit of the point of making such a nomination is to shed light on a case. In this case, the Palestinian cause, which has been overshadowed by the bloody chaos that has plagued the rest of the region after the catastrophic regime change wars. . .

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