Changing your mind about identity politics can cost you everything

"The United States is made up of well-functioning and well-adapted parts that are put together into a dysfunctional whole." The man behind this wording is called Ezra Klein and has written about identity politics i USA. Klein is an American journalist, blogger and political commentator. He has been a columnist for The Washington Post and votes for the Democrats. He has started the website Vox, a background news site, where he examines how the media affects the political situation in the United States, and how the political situation affects the media.

He does not tell a single story through the eyes of individual actors. He is also not interested in allegations that systems are collapsing or collapsing due to individual fates.

In his opinion, the individual parts work excellently, and he finds it neither shocking nor surprising that Trump won the election in 2016. The system lay. . .

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