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Forced medication is illegal and unlawful

TREATMENT REGIME: The effects of antipsychotics have been built on hope and unfounded claims, illustrated not least by constantly new drugs and doses.

I have shown in several articles in recent years – including in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association 2017 – that Norwegian compulsory drug practice is illegal and human rights unlawful. The law has since the beginning of the 1980 years provided as conditions for compulsory medication that this "with a high probability" will result in healing or significant improvement or prevent significant deterioration. The condition, of course, follows from the need to avoid malpractice and is also justified by the reason for avoiding the violation of the torture prohibition in the European Convention on Human Rights. 3. This requires that before such treatment is started, such effects are very likely to be foreseen.

Studies on the knowledge base for antipsychotics, presented in NOW 2011: 9 Paulsrud Committee report, showed that the effects of group-level antipsychotics – in which only one in five patients achieve a positive effect – are too low to predict significant improvement for the individual patient. The practice has, ever since the condition was introduced, been based on hope and unfounded claims, illustrated not least by a treatment regimen that is trying itself with ever-new drugs and doses.

I have also emphasized in articles that the County Governor as the appellate body for decisions on compulsory medication is a purely sand-spraying body.

Civil Ombudsman's statements

In two decisions,. . .

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Lund is a former Supreme Court judge and chair of the Lund committee. Today a member of Ny Tid's editorial board.

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