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French warriors and Norwegian soldiers in the Sahel

France's Wars in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa
Forfatter: Nathaniel K. Powell
Forlag: Cambridge University Press, (Storbritannia)
SMALL: No one in the Norwegian government can have read Nathaniel Powell's new book France's War in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa. Had they done so, they would never have sent Norwegian soldiers to the French military force Takuba in Mali.

When the Storting debated a request from French President Macron for a force contribution to Mali in January last year, the answer was no. In July this year, the government chose to answer yes to a very similar request – without involving the Storting or the Foreign Affairs Committee. Could they have done so to support Macron and France, more than to support the people of Mali?

An opinion poll conducted by Mali-Mètre earlier this year and reproduced in Le Monde this summer showed that only 28 percent of the Malian population had confidence that international military actors were helping to stabilize the country. The 15 UN soldiers in the MINUMSMA force in Mali and the 000 in the African G5000 Sahel force. . .

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Ketil Fred Hansen
Hansen is a professor of social sciences at UiS and a regular reviewer at Ny Tid.

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