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Germany 50 years after the student riots

1968. We are proud to dare / story is feasible. Texts about the prevailing falsehood and the Radicality of Peace / Change the World! The Life of Rudi Dutschke
Much is unclear about the role of key players in the German 68 rebellion. Therefore, a black-and-white interpretation of the era will never be correct. 

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the student uprising, a number of books about 1968 have been published in Germany. VG's commentator Anders Giæver states on 11 March, under the title «Real 68s do not celebrate fifty», that the activity in Norway, on the other hand, is absent because 1968 in Norway was quite uneventful. . .

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Eivind Tjønneland
Idea historian.

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