I want to go home to the animals

Towards the end of Jung Young Moon's novel Vaseline Buddha is it: «… perhaps the problem with my life was that for some time now my life has been a full-fledged fight against realism». It is the narrator who says this, and although it never becomes clear whether the author and the narrator in the book are one and the same person (or whether Young-moon sees them as such), this short quote gives a pretty good impression of what Young- moon is included in his books. At the same time, the books lack almost everything reminiscent of conflict, struggle, drama, confrontation, crisis, climax and anticlimax – the narrator (and the author) almost always avoids the kind of situations if he can.

The suicide. This may also explain why he scares people, especially crowds, even when he is in metropolitan areas such as San Francisco or Berlin, where he often seems totally out of place, almost like another planet. Not in a strange way à la Obstfelder – rather kjeder he is in the metropolises and mentions only in passing landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge. And the only thing about the bridge that really interests him is that people come there to commit suicide.

Suicide as such plays a not insignificant role in the author, both the thought of his own possible such and of others. . .

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