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Innocent "criminals" as a source of income in New York

Crime and Punishment
Regissør: Stephen Maing

CORRUPTION: New York police officers are encouraged to treat residents as criminals rather than as people to help and protect.

Stage Manager Stephen Maings new documentaries Crime and Punishment follows a group of twelve police officers in New York which goes by the name NYPD12. Together, they have warned that the New York Police Department (NYPD) is illegally requiring police officers to meet monthly quotas for arrests and summonses. The pressure to meet these quotas is high, as the police officer's career is at stake. Police officers are encouraged to treat residents as criminals instead of as people to help and protect. If they do not meet these quotas, it will have personal consequences. Performance monitoring, evaluations and unreasonable work tasks are some of the means of pressure used against. . .

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Canadian Bakker is a filmmaker, based in Berlin.

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