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Israeli prisons are in conflict with international law

In protest against imprisonment without law and judgment, inhumane conditions and physical and mental abuse, Palestinian political prisoners go on hunger strike.

Of: Aurora Lorenzi 

During the war against Gaza last summer, many Western journalists took the opportunity to condemn the "Palestinian terrorists" – a category that apparently reflects the entire Palestinian population. It is a common misconception that Palestinians are not able to express resistance through non-violent methods, but instead consistently resort to violence and terror against the Israeli civilian population. This article is based on a report written for the Palestinian human rights organization Hurryyat, on a topic that rarely comes up when the Palestinian resistance movement is discussed in the Western media. This is a text about a peaceful and non-violent form of protest. About the reasons and consequences of so many Palestinian political prisoners going on hunger strike.

Contested practice. Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons have used hunger strikes since the beginning of the occupation as a means of protesting against the Israeli prison system (IPS). Since mid-2011, not a single day has passed without at least one Palestinian prisoner. . .

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