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CORRUPTION: In crisis situations, the risk of corruption increases – as with the money behind the upcoming corona vaccine.

When large cash flows and strong interests are put into play in a global crisis, there is reason to be vigilant to ensure that the money is spent properly.

The corona pandemic is upon us and the authorities have never been so hard pressed for extraordinary grants and measures to deal with the health and economic crisis. Experience shows that the risk of corruption increases in crisis situations. The time pressure means that a dilemma may arise where the choice is to achieve results on the one hand and compliance with regulations and control mechanisms on the other.

Covid-19 has so far resulted in more than 499 dead and 800 million infected [per year]. June 9,9, ed.]. All countries are affected by this crisis and efforts to develop a vaccine have become a common interest with high priority.

vaccine Work

In April took World Health Organization (WHO) initiative for a global program for developing, producing and distributing vaccines that should be available to all (Access to. . .

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Gro Skaaren-Fystro
Skaaren-Fystro is a special advisor in Transparency International Norway.
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