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Norway's strength test

Norway is known for good integration. Still, we have to fold our sleeves now.

The FrP government, headed by Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, has marked itself with a rough and unsympathetic rhetoric in the face of increased immigration to Norway. Statements by Listhaug that "the charity rides Norwegian society like a mare", "asylum seekers should not be carried into Norway on a gold chair" and "they must provide, not just enjoy" are counterproductive in the critical times we now face. It creates political divide and unrest in the people.
It helps little that Erna Solberg held an excellent New Year's speech in a sincere and inclusive tone, when it is Listhaug's play that gets the most media attention and thus also influences public opinion. This peaked when Oslo FrP recently adopted proposals for closed reception and the abolition of all forms of permanent residence for asylum seekers. This is a daunting and destructive development in Norwegian immigration policy, which will have fatal consequences for our integration policy if it has any impact.

Norway can integrate. Norway is actually at the top of the world. . .

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