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Norway and the war in Yemen

Without people in Norway aware of this, Norwegian politicians approve the sale of weapons and ammunition to oppressive dictatorships that systematically kill civilians in Yemen. 


When I came to Norway, I immediately saw how good and wonderful Norwegian society is. Although Norway is a small country, it has found a way to position itself globally. Norwegian education, health, agriculture, nature and environmental policy have made it easier for people to live and thrive here. Norway is not a perfect country, but has a lot to offer that many other countries can learn from. I have always wanted to promote the Norwegian example in the Arab world, and not least in the last republic in the Persian Gulf, where I was born and raised: Yemen. When people ask me why I live in Norway, I answer simply and simply: love, and that I got married. . .

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  1. Nice post about the forgotten, translated war in Yemen. It is important to draw attention to the atrocities that take place there – with the help of Western weapons.

    Will point out that Bahrain is another country in the Gulf region that experienced the Arab Spring. Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, have helped crack down on protesters there. Weapons sold to Gulf countries are weapons that contribute to the oppression of citizens of Yemen, Bahrain and other Gulf countries. That should be the end of it.

  2. Thank you very much Wojoud.
    I recommend you follow Pål Steigan's blog.
    It's called: An Enemy of the People.

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