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Palestine in our century

THE PALESTINE ANNEX: The magazine Palestine in our century has both a current and historical perspective on the Middle East and Africa over the last decades long nuclear conflict over Palestine. Although it is well known, it is often with little detailed knowledge.

To avoid the customary stamp of "anti-Semite" here, we have let six Israeli Jews like Uri Avnery, Gideon Levy, Ilan cardboard, Ehud Barak, Einat Weizman and Avichai Chairs come up in the magazine. All of them, except former Prime Minister Barak (Camp David), are critical of Israel's occupation policy. But also Barak, as he told me in my interview with him in Tel Aviv, that Palestine should have had its own independent economy – something he had already presented to Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin before the Oslo agreement as military officer.

Among a selection of important previous articles in MODERN TIMES – marked with years in the paper edition – you will find Avnery who writes about Jewish AIPAC in the US, Levy's critique of the wall Pappe's critique of Israel's 10 myths, and soldier Stollar's mention of military service in the West Bank as harassment rather than security.

Weak health services

You can ask what makes this magazine relevant right now. One thing is corona pandemic which affects Palestinians who are already struggling, with weak health care. Well, a plane from the United Arab Emirates was allowed to take medicine, and some test and protective equipment. . .

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