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Ittaf, Palestinian failed suicide bombings after many years in prison

- Why did you decide on a militant suicide operation?

- You can expect a complicated answer. But isn't Israel's occupation – which is destroying us as human beings – a big enough reason and motivation to do such a thing? We Palestinians have a great pride and longing for freedom in us, enough to become martyrs.

- So what happened?

The plan was to gather enough information so that I could get to the president's headquarters and then detonate the car bomb with myself in the car. I'm not a suicide bomber, I'm a martyr.

- Really, to kill yourself?

- People love life, but a life without freedom is like being dead. As a young politically active person, I went to Lebanon and received military training, based on the fact that I was going to take action against Israel.

- Does not the Qur'an say anything about not killing oneself?

- Yes, Islam explains that one should not kill oneself, but there are exceptions, as in battle. We have the phrase "Seek death to be given life." I did not care about being killed, the important thing was. . .

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