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Spain's fascist shadow sites

Spain's Juan Carlos I was without his own property when he became a monarch in 1975. In 2012 his wealth was estimated at 1800 million euros. Where does all the money come from?

In Spain, the king's absolute immunity has been used to enrich the monarchy and a significant proportion of politicians and their acquaintances. King Juan Carlos I was appointed by a bloodthirsty dictator, while Felipe IV was swiftly crowned without consensus as his father's position was no longer sustainable – rumors of millions in commissions had become too fragile.

Thanks to a pact from Franco's time, Juan Carlos I received a commission for each barrel of oil imported from Saudi Arabia. Since 1973, all Spanish governments have respected this pact, but since the king abdicated, it is uncertain whether it is still valid. Do not forget that Juan Carlos I was without his own property. . .

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Molas Carol is a music producer and political activist living in Spain.

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