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The magic word that shatters the debate 

"I'm not into conspiracy theories, except the ones who are true or involved dentists." Michael Moore

While we were not aware, an Orwellian redefinition of the word "conspiracy theory" has occurred. The term now refers to ideas, theories or facts that contradict the official narrative, as promoted by the authorities and the mass media. But a society that is trained to accept the narrative of power and shy those who question it is a society whose future is free.

Bag and stamp. The fear of being "k-stamped" seems disciplinary. Journalists, researchers and public servants – to name a few important groups – are reluctant to end up in the black bag. If you do, we will not hear. . .

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Trond Skaftnesmo
Skaftnesmo is a nature manager from NMBU, philosopher from UiO, teacher and author. His latest book is The Sources of Evolution (2017).

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