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Media is a main channel for distorted reality 

Sylvi Listhaug was never made with a cross in AFK's street artwork in Bergen, as presented on TV 2 the 6. April. Where exactly is the journalist's press ethical responsibility? 

In the previous issue of Ny Tid, questions were asked about the media's lack of coverage of the media – critical exhibition Question Everything at Media City Bergen, which houses Norway's largest media companies.

AFK was one of the street artists at the head of the exhibition, which serves as a daily reminder of the media's ethical responsibility. His latest work, the media-critical painting "Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization", however, was not passed away in silence, but seemed to hit a nerve in both the people and the media.

The street artwork illustrates the mass media's focus on former Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug.

Perhaps it was too uncomfortable for the media to cover the media-critical exhibition in their own premises. But it does not seem that it was as unpleasant to spread false information about the content of AFK's latest work.

distorting truth. The street art work illustrates the mass media's focus on former Minister of Justice. . .

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