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The pandemic will create a new world order

MIKE DAVIS: According to activist and historian Mike Davis, in wild reservoirs, such as bats, up to 400 types of coronavirus are just waiting to be transmitted to other animals and humans.

The activist, urbanist and historian Mike Davis is an important thinker on the American left and part of the New Left Review editorial board. Davis is known for titles such as Planet of Slums (2006) and In Praise of Barbarians: Essays against Empire (2007). He is also known for his culturally critical portraits of California in City of Quartz (1990) and in the book Ecology of Fear (1998), which deals with the fears of disasters such as fiction and reality in Los Angeles. The fear is cultivated through everything from fantasies about alien invasions to concerns about highly real disasters such as earthquakes and rioting – as well as epidemics that infect wild animals. The book Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of the Avian Flu (2015) begins with reports of Spanish illness and follows up with new epidemics with a southern focus on how they affect the weakest in society. Social injustice is a major theme in all Davis' texts, and in the article "Who is forgotten in a pandemic?", recently published in The Nation, he addresses the issue of solidarity in the wake of the corona eruption.

MODERN TIMES talks to him over safe conditions – over the phone – and asks what is bothering him most right now:

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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  1. There are an incredible number of people in the world who work in different ways for the same thing as Mike Davis, through large and small networks, and through the internationalization of their profession. And many who try to build bridges between these, so that together they can add more power to the process towards a different world order. But then there are many more people who never get to hear about these, because good news is not counted as news where most people get their information. But it has an effect, at least. And now it's probably a lot different, when one "feels it on the body."

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