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The pursuit of recognition has destructive consequences. Social justice is reduced to psychological problems

Identity politics is a real child of narcissistic culture, where violations and rejection are perceived as serious threats to self-esteem.

What to do if you find a wallet on the street and no one sees you? Does it deliver to the police or do you keep it yourself? If you take the money, you are a narcissist. If you give them away, you are governed by your conscience or superior. Apartment creates a thief when internalized morality is lacking. Protestant ethics have had to give way to hedonism and external control.

The narcissistic culture

It's been 40 years since the American historian Christopher Lasch (1932 – 1994) published The Culture of Narcissism. Despite many ambiguities in the term, narcissism continues its triumphant run. . .

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Eivind Tjønneland
Idea historian.

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