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The roots the advertisements omit

Informative and unambiguous film about the modern slave industry of the clothing industry, which is in stark contrast to the smooth-polished advertising images we consume in line with our empty and ever-changing needs.

The True Cost
Directed by Andrew Morgan

When an advertisement tries to sell you its product, it not only aims to link that product to a positive lifestyle, but tends to make it invisible to its complex and specific history. Even more important than that create a story around the product, it is often essential to cut its roots, hide its historical basis. How often does not a product appear as an ethereal and ahistorical object, a novelty without a tangible origin? How often does not a product appear as an apolitical result produced by the market's logic and the individual's internal needs?
Som propaganda for øvrig er reklame ekspert på å polere virkeligheten, glatte ut dens ujevnheter og fremstille den idealistisk, det vil si ut i fra sin ideologi. Reklame og propaganda finner sin estetikk i å vise noe og holde mye tilbake – den har en tendens til å fremstille verden som en overflate uten bakgrunn. I ethvert tilfelle viser den i alle fall frem den bakgrunnen som tilfører produktet en positiv verdi og aura i nået. Resten er kuttet vekk fra . . .

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