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Third Period syndrome

2016 is a big election year, and so I don't aim for Donald Trump. 

15 African countries have elections this year. First out is Uganda, and for the fifth election in a row, Yoweri Museveni's name on the ballot is 18. February. It has been 30 years since Museveni said that the problem to Africa in general, and Uganda in particular, was not the people, but tenants who are sitting too long. Many would argue Museveni is part of a club of African tenants suffering from the "third period syndrome". How is democracy in African countries really going?

Young people in the key role. Museveni nekta nyleg å ta del i ein tv-sendt debatt mellom presidentkandidatane . . .

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Johan N. Hermstad is General Manager of the Joint Council for Africa.

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