Thomas Piketty does not settle for a crisis of capitalism

As most may remember, the French economist bragged Thomas Piketty in 2015 through the intellectual public with the book The Capital of the 21st Century, where he explained in great detail the growing inequality in the world. The book has reportedly been sold in more than 2 million copies, and it managed to put a spell on growing criticism of both economics (such as exact science) and inequality. Piketti's thick book and overwhelming statistical material capturing the spirit of time and gave criticism of neoliberal globalization and savings policy after the financial crisis, if not a direction, then a language. And a credible one of a kind.

Although, of course, Piketty referred to Marx with his title, he was quick to distance himself from the born revolutionary and even coquetted with never having read Capital. Invitations from sclerosis-stricken center-left parties around the world did not wait long, and Piketty not only quickly became a reference for left-wingers, he also served as an adviser to politicians such as James Corbyn in the UK, Elisabeth Warren in the US and Rahul Gandhi in India.

"Compulsory reading for Social Democrats"

Now Piketty has released a new voluminous book, Capital and ideology, which is already triumphant in the extreme center. . .

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