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Ukraine – a new banana republic?

Well over NOK 100 billion is stolen annually from the state budget by corrupt service personnel. The Ukrainian population is becoming poorer – but one exception to the trend is Ukraine's sixth richest man, President Petro Poroshenko.

Ukraine has again been voted Europe's most corrupt country. A September survey by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) showed that 40 percent of Ukrainians have experienced having to bribe public servants over the past twelve months – an increase from 37 percent in April to 2014. Tahsin Yasin, who heads the Ukrainian branch of the French food company Danone, tells Reuters: “Illegal taxation occurred during Yanukovych. Fortunately it did not affect us at that time, but now they are targeting us despite so-called reforms. We are dealing with a completely unprofessional mafia that is simply trying to get as much as possible as long as they are in power. ”
Another survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI) in August showed that while 11 percent of Ukrainians believe the fight against corruption has been strengthened following the deposition of Yanukovych, the full 51 percent says that the fight against corruption has been poorer.
In a poll conducted by Gallup in the summer of 2015, 17 percent of Ukrainians said they were happy with the president. . .

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