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Dandelion of the West Bank

What Walaa Wants
Regissør: Christy Garland

LANYARD: What Walaa Wants portrays a child growing up in the shadow of Israeli occupation and Palestinian freedom struggle, in the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank.

A cheerful and unruly horse girl grows up without a mother and father, and she wants to fight criminals. A well-known and beloved character, but this time her home is as far from Villa Villekulla as it can get: We find our Palestinian version of Pippi in the Balata camp – one of three refugee camps in Nablus in the West Bank. The camp was established in 1950 to house the Palestinians who were expelled from the areas annexed by Israel when they declared themselves a state in 1948. The Balata camp covers 0,25 square kilometers and today has around 30 inhabitants.

Balatas Pippi

The film is a childhood story about an explosive powder keg. "I was a troublemaker at school. I beat the teachers and cut up their car tires, "says. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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