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Touching other realities

Aina Villanger is one of several Norwegian poets recently translated and presented in Poland. How can Norwegian poetry influence and inspire a Polish audience?

My good friend Alicja Rosé – illustrator, poet, language genius and now translator – invited a group of Norwegian poets to Poland. Alicja has learned Norwegian by translating poems, and now the result of the painstaking work is ready: the launch of two magazines, Nowa Dekada Krakowska and Czas Literatury, both of which present Norwegian authors in Polish. Alicja is the editor of the publication of Dekada and has dedicated the entire issue to Norwegian poetry that relates to religion and metaphysics. Among the translated are Jens Bjørneboe, Olav H. Hauge, Stein Mehren, Aasne Linnestå, Cecilie Løveid, Steinar Opstad, Ane Nydal, Gunnar Wærness and the undersigned. A good mix! Dead and alive, but according to the editor, all lyricists who approach the religious in a different way than she herself is used to, especially in Polish poetry – who deals with questions of God with either pure embrace. . .

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