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A close look at the border surveillance in the Mediterranean

Everyone is allowed to leave their own country, it is a universal human right.

Of: Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert

The EU's response to the increased flow of refugees across the Mediterranean is to strengthen border surveillance through the Frontex operation Triton. On the other hand, there is little that can be done in the form of effective border control at sea. Triton does not have a rescue mandate, although this is where surveillance has the greatest potential to play a positive role. In the fear of doing so a little easier For boat refugees to get to Europe, border surveillance is highlighted as an "effective" response.
It has become clear through the discussions of recent weeks that both the situation in the countries people are fleeing from, og den overordnede innvandrings- og asylpolitikken til Europa, må tas tak i. Grenseovervåkningen og -kontrollen som utføres på havet, er verktøyet Europas grensevakter har for å iverksette den politikken og lovgivningen – derfor bør også dens begrensninger . . .

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