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A hidden overconsumption

Since 2011, annual actions against military overspending have been organized around the world. Nevertheless, we rarely read about this in Norwegian media.

It is in connection with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annually giving its overview of the world's military spending and weapons, that these actions are organized. The World Action Day Against Military Overconsumption (GDAMS), which this year was held on 13. April here at home, has been marked since 2011 and initiated by the International Peace Agency, also known as the International Peace Bureaus (IPB). The day of action is part of the organization's main program Disarmament for Development, which aims to release funds from military consumption in favor of increased investment for sustainable development. In the United States, the day is set to coincide with the so-called Americans Tax Day - the day when they pay their taxes and discuss what the tax money should be. . .

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