A dangerous transhumanism

In the flood of books on technology development, many rely on loose impressions and personal preferences. The advantage of this book is that it uses a clear method to understand the phenomenon of artificial intelligence – and the ideologies that accompany it. This method is pronounced Marxist, but it is not just a loose use of the concepts of exchange, capital accumulation and alienation. Dyer-Witheford, flanked by Kösen and Steinhoff from the same environment from Ontario, is based on readings of Marx's own thinking about technology, found in the text collection floorplans and especially in his much-talked about "Fragment on Machines". One of Dyer-Witheford's duties is to transfer Marx's observations of 1800's industrial technology to that 21. century information technology.


Allerede i Marx’ beskrivelser er kapitalismen selv et maskineri som gjør mennesker til instrumenter for sin . . .

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