PHOTOGRAPH: Can a photo hit us? Or can it show limitations imposed on the individual by familial and societal expectations?

Published: 2020-02-15

New Visions. The Henie Onstad Triennial for Photography and New Media
Henie Onstad Art Center Høvikodden.
Opens February 21st

The title of the Triennial New Visions is taken from the Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy's manifesto A New Instrument of Vision. The exhibition is part of a major investment in photography initiated by the Art Center in 2017. The triennial is dedicated to the entire first floor to show works by 31 Norwegian and international photographers.

In the book Why Photography?, which accompanies the exhibition, curator Susanne Østby Sæther opens the text by quoting from the manifesto: "The illiterates of the future will be ignorant of the use of camera and pen alike." This is explained by the fact that photography today is fully integrated into our everyday communication. Moholy-Nagy's forecast has become our reality.


The triennial runs from February 21 to May 16 In conjunction with the exhibition, the book Why Photo graphy ?, is published at the publisher Skira Editore (see
The triennial lasts from
February 21 through May 16. Along with the exhibition, the book Why Photography ?, is released at the publishing house
Skira Editore

Among several exciting trends in contemporary photography over the last decade are more sculptural Photographya. This has arisen from a desire for materiality and a longing for - in this ever-growing sea of ​​digital images - to touch, hold and feel the photograph itself. On the upcoming triennial you can find installations of photographs that have either been taken by - or found by - the photographer. Here has B. Ingrid Olson. created photographic sculptureis placing individual images and collages in
plexiglass boxes. The works in the series Plexiglass Perimeter at Henie Onstad is based on pictures of Olson's own body. These three-dimensional objects, in their own way, ask for greater engagement from the viewer than what two-dimensional photography can do.

Another artist who also creates physical installations of photography is

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