The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov
Regissør: Askold Kurov

The doubts surrounding the guilt issue appear in the dialogue between director Askold Kurov and Vladimir Putin: It is not even clear what crimes Oleg Sentsov should have committed.

"The biggest sin is cowardice." With this quote from Michail Bulgakov, Oleg Sentsov concludes his final post during the trial. Sentsov, a film director and Maidan activist born in Ukraine, was accused of leading an anti-Russian terrorist movement in Crimea during the events following the March 2014. Well-known filmmakers like Agnieszka Holland and Wim Wenders as well as the European Film Academy worked to get him released. But in August 2015, he was sentenced to 20 years in Siberia by a Russian court in Rostov by Don. In this documentary, Askold Kurov examines the context of the trial.

Multifaceted about Sentsov. Kurov's primary source for the footage is footage he has found: from Sentsov's own films, from various media representations of Sentsov and the events relating to the case, as well as material from Sentsov's family archive.

Among the photographs in the family albums is – as the mother cheerfully comments – "Sentsov's first photogram": a picture taken from above of his dog. "Or a cat,". . .

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