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To criticize Israel

ANTISEMITTISM / The starting point for this post is a comment to the newspaper Vårt Land which was not accepted by the newspaper's debate editor.

We knew that the media has power, but sometimes it is inexplicable that a necessary debate is hindered, and that the media thus limits the opportunity to learn and find ways out. The media has and provides defining power – the power to say what is right and wrong, what can be discussed, and what can be ignored. And not least who will be allowed to. This is a power that should not be abused.

There are countless examples around the world of situations where the strong party has the power to define what is happening: Those who have fought for civil rights or in women's struggle, for gay rights or in labor struggle have many experiences of how their work and desires have been stamped and hindered by those in power.

In our time, the Palestinians' almost 75-year struggle is one of the strongest examples of how the media's coverage of the struggle for independence and freedom is systematically kept down, in this case not only by Israel as an occupying power, but also by its systematic use – and in my opinion abuse – of the Jewish history that is uncritically accepted by the outside world.

To define reality

Over 70 years ago it was said that "a people without land came to a land without people". That was the story of the creation of Israel. But the Palestinians. . .

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Trygve Natvig
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