A late hippie confessions

GATEAVISA: MODERN TIMES prints one of the essays in a new book about Gateavisa. Here is a reflection on how, in the postmodernist spirit, they had to reinvent themselves as an eighties magazine: In the editorial offices, everyone largely disagreed with everyone on everything from layout to US foreign policy. Here were purple undershirts, jackets from flea markets, scrolls and books about the eco-crisis.

E-mail: eriksen@sai.uio.no
Published: September 9, 2020

I was a late hippie. OK then, I never managed to get shoulder length hair. And yes, I did study at university and ended up taking more exams than I had originally envisioned. In addition, I worked as a night watchman in a hotel and put on a white shirt three nights a week. You do not get much credit for that, you have not burned so many bridges or put anything special at stake: you have stayed on safe ground while playing rebellion. Sure, but this is the fate of all rebels in a country like Norway, where they never stop sewing pillows under your arms no matter how greedy and rebellious you are. But to speak for myself, I would argue that I was basically a late hippie even when I…

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