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Living in the Earth Ecosystem

The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deeply rooted in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species to survive?

Notwithstanding that a hungry crocodile lay in the mud and waited, well-known Australian ecologist Val Plumwood one day paddled in a canoe down the wide river Kakadu National Park. The crocodile attacked, overturned the canoe and got a hold of her. Then Plumwood understood that, from the crocodile's perspective, she was only a piece of meat, pure food.

The needs we have, control our perceptions, also how we perceive our position in the ecosystem. Many of us live in the belief that we are at the top of the system. . . .

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Erland Kiøsterud
Author and essayist. Residing in Oslo. See also his website or Wikipedia

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