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A «mission» for floating offshore wind?

A new economy – how moon landing inspires to change capitalism
GREEN CHANGE: Norway has an inability to get out of oil dependence.

The method and recipe in Mariana Mazzucatos Book A new economy # has hit a nerve in Norwegian political discourse. Above all, of the think tank Manifesto, which has found the key to the oil fund's bank vault: the recipe for spending large public funds on the most important societal challenges embodied in the concept of «missions». Far more sophisticated than the Progress Party's barbecues, but captivatingly similar to Stoltenberg's moon landing.

Mazzucato argues well and broadly for a "mission" -oriented approach to economic policy. This is based on public funding, or in our case, by scooping up the Oil Fund. A policy closely linked to private industry and business – à la NASA and Kennedy's moon landing. That is the goal, not the way forward,. . .

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Paal Frisvold
Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

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