He is in the swimming pool when his father constantly asks him – over and over again – whether he can float.

- Yes, I learned it from you. As the father asks for one time, the Chinese conceptual artist Maleonn promises to create a performance that can regain contact with the father. He embarks on his first puppet show. It is about a son who constructs a time machine to bring his demented pilot dad back to childhood and the time for shared memories.

Relevant about dementia

Percentage of people affected demens or Alzheimer's disease, is constantly growing, due to both increasing life expectancy and a changing lifestyle. The documentary addresses a particularly important theme in a new and relevant way.

The movie style is sober, but it is not the main character Maleonn's project. He devotes himself to a poetic shadow play with human-sized puppets and ingeniously constructed machines.

The puppet show idea begins modestly, but looks completely out of proportion with the use of time. . .

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