A new destructive communism

What characterizes the protests, demonstrations and uprisings that have taken place over the past ten years in a surging movement across much of the world, from Greece to Tunisia and Egypt, on to Spain, USA, Chile, Ukraine, Brazil, France and Hong Kong etc.?

According to the Italian philosopher Marcello Tari, we are dealing with a new destructive communism that rejects the established political system and demands that it resign. Destitution means deposition. The protesters on the streets reject the political leaders and the entire political-economic system they represent. They do not demand other politicians or any other policy, they simply and politically demand that the politicians resign. Thus, there is a clear anti-political dimension in the protests in the sense that it is a radical and revolutionary critique of the whole way in which political today is thought and practiced. The protesters refuse to participate in the political spectacle they say and withdraw, interrupting the political order's recognition forms.


The Taris analysis of this anti-political gesture is an important contribution to the analysis of the new protest cycle. . .

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