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No autumn without the Autumn Exhibition in Oslo. This year, it is the relationship between man, nature and culture that is interpreted in the many works of art, visual artist Marte Aas tells Ny Tid. 

This year's perhaps most visited art exhibition opens on Saturday 8. September, and according to the artist Marte Aas is a composite story with different layers and themes that play together. Aas is one of the six artists who sit on the jury for this year's Autumn Exhibition.

- Can you reveal some of the themes in this year's exhibition?

“There is clearly a willingness and desire to thematize a new understanding of both the concept of nature and the place of man on earth. It can be direct imagery, whether in painting, conceptual works or photography. There may also be works that theme a changed concept of nature that is linked to the climate threat and the anthropocene age we are in. ”

"The fact that we see man as the yardstick of all things is perhaps one of the reasons why we end up where we are now."

The Anthropocene age is an interpretation of the current geological age, where man is at the center and where the differences between nature and culture are experienced. . .

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Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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