A people of speculators

HOUSING POLICY: Debate book launches controversial proposals on tax policy, inheritance tax, construction in allotment gardens and in the field boundary to even out economic and social differences.

Kroglund is a critic and writer.
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Published: October 8, 2020
The Norwegian home. From welfare goods to objects of speculation
Author: Hannah Gitmark
Publisher: Res Publica, Norway

I paid 365 kroner for my first OBOS apartment in 000: 1988 square meters on Rodeløkka in Oslo. 56 years and a divorce later, I sold the apartment for 10, stayed true to OBOS, but this time in Oslo west, for 975 million kroner. Today, the apartment is valued at 000 million. For a period, the loan interest rate was 1,8 percent, now I am down to 7 percent. I am not a speculator, but hope for my own part of the bottom does not go out of the market. After all, I have a debt of about 17 million. Maybe the bank actually owns my home? Not unlike many others.

In Norway, there is broad political agreement that owning one's own home is good for people and countries. But now both…

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