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An effort for the zero-emission target

The globe is burning. What must be done?
Forfatter: Heikki Holmås
Forlag: Res Publica (Norge)

CLIMATE: Heikki Holmås describes zero emission targets in a new book, where the climate crisis is solved with taxes and emission requirements, plenty of green power and technology. But at what price?

Heikki Holmås is a former parliamentary representative for SV and Minister of Development Aid (2012–2013). Both as a young environmentalist and as long as he was active in national politics, he was opposed to Norwegian EU membership, but in his book The globe is burning He acknowledges the role of the EU "as the strongest driver in the world for a shift towards zero emissions". In his journey towards solutions for how Norway in nine years' time can become a zero-emission country, he highlights the EU's climate goals and climate policy.

"Steering towards zero emissions in 2030 is also the best way to get out of the divide we stand in as an oil nation, where we on the one hand promote ambitious climate policy and on the other hand push the cause of climate problems, namely fossil oil and gas." , writes Holmås. He may feel a little on his own, and not just in relation to the EU:

  1. April 2021 he got a new role in Multiconsult as Chief Sustainability Officer, with responsibility for «realization of the company's sustainability ambitions» after working with onshore and offshore wind in the company's wind power
    . Multiconsults nature section shall objectively provide advice to NVE on the «natural consequences of wind power development».

Holmås is also a board member of Norwea, an industry organization that works to promote Norwegian renewable energy production: 130 members, such as Multiconsult and other consulting companies, a number of law firms, small municipalities and not least wind power companies such as Zephyr. The latter is involved in the controversial development on Haramsøya.

That large parts of the climate crisis' solution consists of investing in renewable energy comes as no surprise.
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Iril Kolle
Freelance journalist, translator and graphic designer.

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