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A rhizomatic world

The ZKM Center for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe will create a greater understanding of the different expressions of media art from a historical perspective.

ZKM Center for Art and Media
Exhibit 14.07.18 – 10.02.19
Karlsruhe, Germany

The exhibition Art in Exercise Emphasizes the use of technology: The apparatus – whether in connection with production, distribution or reception – is what sets media art apart from other art. This is how many forms of media art come into consideration; from print, music and television to the telephone, algorithms and cinema. Because the distinctive quality of device-based art is bevegelse, the film medium dominates among the exhibited works of art.

Film is a medium that has traditionally fallen outside the term "media art". But the ZKM Center for Arts and Media, created in 1989 in a former munitions factory in Karlsruhe, Germany, is not a traditional museum. It was recently ranked fourth among the world's leading museums, probably due to innovative approaches such as Art in Exercise.

Art in Exercise emphasizes the use of technology.

The curators for the exhibition, Peter Weibel and Ziegfried Zielinski, use a historical perspective as they highlight rare historical documents that shed new light on technological developments. The exhibition focuses on history, but at the same time turns towards the future development of media art.


One of the rare items on display is from the golden age of Islamic culture: The Instrument that Plays by Itself, written around the year. . .

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Melita Zajc
Zajc is a media writer, researcher and film critic. She lives and works in Slovenia, Italy and Africa.

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