Changing your mind about identity politics can cost you everything

POLICY: American politics is not so much about changing existing policies, but more about appealing to the divisions between peoples.

Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.
Published: October 21, 2020
Author: Ezra Klein Avid
Publisher: Reader Press, USA

"The United States is made up of well-functioning and well-adapted parts that are put together into a dysfunctional whole." The man behind this wording is called Ezra Klein and has written about identity politics i USA. Klein is an American journalist, blogger and political commentator. He has been a columnist for The Washington Post and votes for the Democrats. He has started the website Vox, a background news site, where he examines how the media affects the political situation in the United States, and how the political situation affects the media.

He does not tell a single story seen through individual actors…

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