To talk about death

Everything that lives must die. Death as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge
DEATH / The way we die means a lot to life's last rise. This anthology gives a good impression of how we talk about death in today's society.


Talking about death is not easy, because you can't be death in the same sense as man er living. If you are dead, you no longer exist, and this disastrous perspective is of concern to some living, and to the comfort of others. We have many thoughts and feelings related to our own and others' deaths, whether we express them or not. The world has not managed to settle down with Epikur's statement: "So the worst of all evils does not concern us. For when we are, death is not; when death is, we are not. ”

The editors of this book have a background in nursing science, and have brought together authors from other disciplines to shed light on the topic from different angles. In a work context, nurses want to meet the dying and their relatives constantly away, but it turns out that they talk little about it. . .

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