A society in short supply

When the premise is wrong, everything gets wrong. The fact that technological development ended up in private hands, and then became a tool for financial capitalism, has ended all the promises that automation should make the worker free. The technology that would contribute to a higher standard of living has led to the opposite: As cognitive loose workers, we are constantly at work, as slaves to our own smart phones. Life is about repaying abstract loans, while time is colonized by zero-hour contracts.

The deregulation of working life is one of the main themes of the theorist Franco "Bifo" Berardi. As the worker becomes increasingly vulnerable, the state and capital cooperate on new digital "advancements" that reduce humanity to the guinea pig for technology. In the book The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (in Norwegian from Forlaget H // O // F, 2011) Berardi introduces the idea of ​​poetry as the antithesis of the digital framework we are forced to. . .

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